melissa cabral

All in all we cannot stop singing
We cannot start sinking
We swim until it ends


My computer crashed this evening and I lost a presentation I had been working on all day. Thankfully, my boy, Ted Leo, was around to keep me company at work. I’ve been playing this song on repeat for a while now and the cleaning crew at the office probably wants to box my ears in.

I haven’t listened to this song in YEARS. Literally years. 

When this song came out, Bush was president. I drank Beast and ate Easy Mac and wore too much makeup at parties and had long long stupid long hair. When this song came out, I definitely did not know what the fuck “brand equity transference” was and I. Didn’t. Care.

This song is old.

But once the drums roll in I feel young enough to know everything and stupid enough to try anything. Turn over a car with my bare hands. Kick open a vending machine and take a bag of Cheetos. And maybe, just maybe, even start a presentation over from scratch…

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